Don’t You Think You Ought To Worship Me – The Wisecarvers – Lyrics only

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Don’t You Think You Ought To Worship Me
Artist: Dustin Heath Wisecarver

Verse 1:
Seems everytime that we go to His throne
We bring petitions but forget our song
Asking questions like “Lord, how” or “Why?”
Or just complain about how hard we’ve tried
But if He were to ask this time
This might be the question on His mind

Don’t you think you ought to worship Me
Don’t you think it’s time you spend some time
With your hands up in the air
Offer more that just your prayer
And give Me what is rightly Mine
Yes it’s true I want to hear from you
All your questions and your every need
Give Me all your doubts and fears
But there’s more I want to hear
It’s time for you to worship Me

Verse 2:
Prayer alone can go so far
But mixed with praise He meets us where we are
We can’t just see Him as a helping hand
He’s so much more. He’s the great I Am
For all His kindness He won’t ask much
He only wants us to show Him our love